Thursday, 14 May 2015

Exp/Level/Prestige System - Version 1.4

Experiance, level and prestige system, it can be customized so for example you complete a job or DM then you can make it give the player the desired amount of xp, on leveling up you will receive a payment for you success on leveling up and you will recieve a huge $1 million when you prestige. The system saves individual level profile in a seprate folder to where your accounts will be saved.


  • Experience points
  • Levels
  • Prestige Levels
  • Fully Saving (not affecting player saving)
  • Auto Level up
  • Payday on level up
  • Textdraws


  • /givexp <playerid> <1 - 99>
  • /givelevel <playerid> <1 - 99>
  • /giveprestige <playerid> <1 - 99>
  • /veh - Only players with Prestige can use /veh
  • /myrank
  • /resetrank <playerid> (Reset a players rank)
  • /rankhelp - player command
  • /rdm - Ranks Debug Mode (printing messages on console)


You will need the required includes in order to run this filterscript;

  • zcmd
  • YSI

Also make a folder in scriptfiles called "Levels"

Version 1.2:
Ranks.pwn (solidfiles)

Version 1.3:
Ranks.pwn (solidfiles)

Version 1.4:
Ranks.pwn (solidfiles)


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